Thursday, September 22, 2011

I think...

I think that all of us will die but few of us will survive.

I think that the glorious experiment that was the United States of American is on the verge of extinction.

I think that our children and their children will be poorer than us, have fewer opportunities than we had, and will execrate our memories. And it will be our fault.

I think that the current crop of political "leaders" is the most venal and scabrous in American history.

I think that the Founding Fathers would not recognize the nation they created, nor would we recognize them if they were suddenly to reappear. Indeed, I think that if that were to happen, we would mock and malign them into insignificance.

I think that no one in the current political structure has the courage or the will to fix the problems we have created.

I think that the President of the United States is an incompetent.

I think that Lincoln would be shocked and shamed at what the nation he suffered so much to preserve has become.

I think that our national future will be worse than our national past.

I think that those who predicted we would become a nation of sheep were right. And that this is largely due to the state of public education in America. And that is largely due to the influence of the teachers' unions and their alliance with the Democratic Party.

I think that America has relegated itself to the position of a second-rate power. And, ironically, after a successful sixty year war with international communism, we are selling ourselves to the Communist Chinese.

I think that the Tibetan people have every right to curse us, but that, given their stoical, spiritual nature, they will pray for us. I think we need their prayers now more than ever.

I think that organized religion has failed us monumentally; and that "salvation," if the possibility of it exists any longer, resides with the individual. And yet, few of us, as individuals, are capable any longer of embracing it.

I think that our hope is indicated in the purity of the animals. And yet, we eat them.

I think that the Mayans were right: The world will end in 2012 -- it deserves to.