Friday, February 20, 2009

The fight for independence

My film process goes on. I have found my cast - for the most part, young, talented and very eager actors who crave the sort of challenge I am proposing - and I am beginning to assemble my crew. This is, of course, while I am at the same time trying to raise the money to make the picture. To this end, I have begun to meet with independent producers whose work I have admired. What I am proposing to them now goes beyond this single film. It is an enterprise which I hope will be a model for a new approach to film making. What I have in mind is a series of low-budget films on some of the fundamental themes of Western literature and culture: identity, appearance versus reality, Immanuel Kant's three enduring problems of philosophy: God, freedom and immortality; good versus evil, and finally, love.

Now talking about such topics is likely to elicit puzzlement, if not scorn, in most producing circles, and absolute derision in Hollywood, and for this reason, I am seeking out young monied producers whose work suggests that they may be interested in the idea. Further, I would like to form a core of cast and crew with whom I would partner in this business, and who would share in its risks and in its profits. Surplus profits (if there are any) would be put toward financing subsequent films.

The whole idea is to create a body of work of which we could be proud, and to reinvigorate the audience and offer it alternatives to the mainstream fare which I earlier described quite poetically as 'crap.' I want those people who habitually remark that there is nothing in the theaters to have someplace to go, something to see, learn from, be stimulated by and talk about. And in the process, I'd like to encourage Hollywood to take risks again, and to revise its cynical attitude toward the public's taste. I don't know if I can succeed, but I intend to try.

As I said before: I'll keep you posted.